Gau Sewa

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Cows are distinctive in diverse ways .Vedas says cow was not created by Brahma ji though the whole creation is indebted to him. Cow and Ox came out from a yagan kunda at the behest of Vasus. Cows are always adjudged to be sacred. Sanatanan Dhram preaches divergent form of adoration. Reverence to GOMATA is one of such forms, though it is more prodigious as it is bestowing special consciousness in us to take care of the cow as our mother. The cow is more, it represents life. Honoring and worshiping a cow inspires in people the rectitude of gentleness and love. The cow takes nothing but grass and water while it gives us milk – just as a saint takes a little of our time and in return gives us his spiritual wisdom. Mother Earth is also represented through cow as Earth also takes in a little and provides us with abundant. Gausewa invokes motherly traits of tenderness, generosity and love. We may worship the Divine in any form we choose and God responds in kind. Lord Krishna says ‘In whatever form people relate to Me, I respond in the same form.’ Cows and Krishna have always been together, he keeps unlimited, transcendental surabhi cows.

When he shows his benignity towards earth, Lord Krishna brings a replica of Vrindavan with him, and he spends his childhood tending cows and calves while playing in the pasturing grounds with His friends. His example shows the importance of cows to human society, the practical benefits of caring for them, and the advantages of an agrarian frugality based on cooperation between man and cows. Apart from this Cows are considered to be the receivers of the auspicious rays from all heavenly constellations. Cows receive the blessings of all the gods as all the gods reside inside cows. GOMATA is the only divine living being that bears asaryu ketu nadi (vein) which produces gold salts in her blood. These salts miraculously cure diseases and infection through milk and other fluids.

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